Collaborators | Anna Chau / Bart Haney / Sherry Wu
Looking at how people are dealing with the integration of technology in the workplace, this project was a research dive into the future of technology in the workplace, and how people are successfully dealing with it, in order to develop a strategy and tools to improve the technology workplace experience.
MicroShip is an internal inward facing internship to build empathy for the different functions within a company as well as a safe space to hone essential soft skills. ​​​​​​​
- Helps users get a taste of different roles within the company
- Build understanding of the company’s operations
- Create empathy for each other’s motivations.

The research process through the development of insights + design principles is told through the story of Robert the robot.
A robot who travels back in time to show humanity critical opportunities where technology and humans can't work best for each other.
The fastest way to learn these operational skills and related soft skills is through direct exposure and peer-to-peer learning

What is Microship?
Get a taste of different roles within the company to build your understanding of the company’s operations and to create empathy for each other’s motivations.
The microship workbook
Microship, as an independent company providing the programs, will provide these services to the customers as shown below:
The customer discovers the Microship project and fill in the application form online
One of the specialists from Microship will connect with the customer about how to make it a success for them

Microship will consult with the customer on how this program can be tuned to help address the specific environment of the customer's company

A ready to deploy Microship package will created and delivered, including components like the schedule, booklets, and role cards

During the project, Microship is on call to help. We could even facilitate it for you

Data and statistics will be collected and analyzed at each step in the process

A comprehensive report on the engagement during the program, plus focused options for refinement opportunities moving forward
An example as the data report shown below:
user journey
process & user test
Discussion Process
User Tests
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